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Found here.

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Drop a link to your post in the comments.

This is quite difficult. I really don't post a lot of my work. I wrote 235k last year, and posted maybe 50k of it. I keep a lot of it too myself, and I'm not sure why that is. I write a lot of SPN crossovers and I never post any of them. I guess I just don't think people are interested.

That does make this challenge quite hard. I don't have a lot of posted stuff to work from, but here goes.

Title: Pure Theatre
Rating: PG-13/R
Spoilers: None
Warnings: (Slight) future!Fic
Word Count: 807
Summary: Sometimes, Kurt makes him feel like a nervous sixteen year old again, with shaking hands and a shaking voice.
I chose this one because it very much sums up my 'style'. This is the type of writing I find the easiest. I can knock something out like this in less than 10 minutes, but I always force myself into styles I find less easy because a) I want to challenge myself and b) I'm pretty sure people prefer something that's not a ton of lyrical waxing. People do say they like my style, but they see it so little that I wonder.

Title: My Wayward Son.
Summary: [Supernatural crossover, non-magical AU]. James was the only one who could even vaguely remember having a home, having a normal life.
Characters/Pairings: James Sirius, Lily Luna
Genre: crossover, AU, gen
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for swearing.
Medium: Fic
Word Count: 1104
I've pimped the hell out of this fic recently, but I don't care. I absolutely love it. A lot of people think that writing next gen is easy because hey, they're pretty much blank slates. We have names and that's about it. But I disagree. We may have blank slates, but we have their parents and history. We have to write characters that clearly take after their parents - their parents with such strong personalities - but still differ. We have to write characters who know their parents, hey, pretty much saved the wizarding world, but they only know from what they're told. We have to write characters who have parents who probably try and stress the importance of things they don't understand because, their entire lives, they've lived in a world without war. Thanks to their parents. And then I decided to make that harder for myself by making it an AU crossover, so I had to make them fit the world they lived in too.

And I just really love my Lily, okay?

Title: Surrender.
Fandom: Glee/SPN
Pairing: Klaine
Summary: Five things Kurt tasted on Blaine's lips.
This one is a bit of a double whammy, because there's a fanmix there too. I chose this one because of that, because maybe fic is my major interest, but I love fanmixes too. I make them a lot. Have both.

This fic was a gift fic, so really, it was intended for anyone but the person I wrote it for, but I do love it. My giftee asked for fluff. Now, that's difficult for me. I don't. Do fluff. I do angst and vaguely happy romance but never fluff. I can't give people cavities or leave them squealing because I don't read fluff myself, so I don't know how to. I much prefer stomping on hearts and making people cry. This fic was a definite learning curve for me and obviously, I didn't succeed too well because there is angst in there. And the ending isn't fluffy. But I hoped it was somewhere close.

And I just really love SPN crossovers, okay? :P
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